AISS 2020

Duisburg, 23 October 2020


Haikkola: The benefits in autonomous maritime transport (pdf)

Lutz: NOVIMAR vessel train control system – tank test and first trial (pdf)

Pang: Recent research directions for autonomous shipping (pdf)

Raulefs: Correction data transmission by VDE considering AIS reception on inland waterways (pdf)

Nitsch: A tightly coupled navigation filter for the control of an automatic river ferry (pdf)

Mentjes: SmartKai – an assistant system to prevent damage to ships and port infrastructure (pdf)

Sandler: Applications of laser-scanners as close-range sensors in inland navigation (pdf)

Ziebold: Precise GNSS based positioning for automated inland vessel navigation (pdf)

Schyr: VR-based methods for the development and deployment of automated mobility systems in an urban environment (pdf)

Alberding: Development of an information platform to increase the efficiency of transport processes on the Spree-Oder-Wasserstraße (pdf)

Bußhoff: Towards autonomy – navigating a meandering route (pdf)

Suri: Autonomous ships and the proximate cause conundrum – a maritime and insurance law tango (pdf)

Schreibers: Man and IT together at the helm (pdf)

Söffker: The AutoBin project – key concepts, status and intended outcomes (pdf)

Kracht: Research and control center for autonomous inland vessels – VeLABi (pdf)